Gunatit Transmission

Company Profile

We Introduce ourselves as GUNATIT TRANSMISSION. We are manufacturer and trader of all types of gearboxes and geared motors. We are providing best solutions to the customer in terms of gearboxes and gear motors by offering services from selection to installation and after sales. We have all ranges of gearboxes and geared motors. We provide best quality material as per Industrial standards. We provide alloy steel for gears and pinions. We can provide Gear casing in CI as well as Fabricated also.

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We are having extraordinary after sale support system. We are the doctors of the gearbox, our team will look after for the gearbox & other all our product sold by us and we will provide onsite service not only when there is a problem in gearbox as per our schedule which we will provide you at the time of gearbox.

Our service executive will check the gearbox thrice in a year with prior appointments and as per the schedule. As we are taking care of our gearbox regularly hence the life of the gearbox will go high as per our experience


Repairing and reconditioning of any make gearbox, geared motors.